Grieving for a partner

A Veteran and a partner’s suicide

Editor’s note: we are reprinting this post in honor of all who have served their country as we approach the anniversary of D-Day this week.  Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My partner committed suicide in front of me last February. He asked me to hold his hand. I always promised I’d be there for him, regardless. But …

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Ex-boyfriend committed suicide x

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, A little over six months ago my ex-boyfriend committed suicide. We had dated for five years and were actually trying to work things out so that we could get back together because we believed we were each other’s soulmates. After he ended his life, I couldn’t sleep, eat, get out of bed or …

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I am losing the final piece of him

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My husband passed away nearly a dozen years ago and I have been receiving his Social Security Benefits since that time. On my birthday next Spring I will be taking my own Social Security.  My question is:  Why do I feel so apprehensive about taking mine and giving up my husband’s?  This is the …

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