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A therapist experiences heavy losses…

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Following a succession of family deaths over an 18 month period, compounded by a difficult move to another part of the country for my husband’s work, I find myself struggling emotionally with my career as a psychologist.  Feeling overwhelmed, I took time off from my practice, and now have to start again

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Why is it so hard? Coping with multiple losses.

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Why is it so hard? I lost my sister in the spring, then my husband a month later, then my son two months later. It’s been a losing battle I just don’t know how to handle this. Paulina Dear Paulina, When a person has a litany of losses in such close succession

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I’ve lost all my parents and siblings

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I’ve lost all my parents and siblings.  Each one I’ve grieved and tried to move on, but now that I’ve lost my last remaining family member, my sister, five weeks ago, why do I feel like I’m grieving for them all now? I’ve never felt so lost and alone now that I’ve lost

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