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Will life get better for me?

Hi Dr. Neimeyer, My husband of 40 years died three years ago after a very short illness. (Cancer). Never sick. We had no children, just our beloved pets. He was my life, soulmate, my everything! When he died, I died a little too! I guess my question is, will life get better for me? A

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An Oncology Unit Nurse Asks…

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I work on an oncology unit in a large metropolitan hospital as a senior nurse, supervising several RNs and nursing assistants who care for many seriously ill patients.  Although most of the care we provide supports their recovery, we also lose many patients each week, some of whom are offered palliative care

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Ambiguous Losses: a brother’s cancer diagnosis

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Five years ago my younger brother, Eric, was diagnosed with cancer, though he was only 15 at the time.  Our life as a family seemed to change overnight, as we all were faced with the fear of what this might mean, and my parents became totally absorbed in his chemotherapy, hospitalizations, and

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