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Loss of a Child — Guest Column

Editor’s Note: This week we are printing a response to last week’s  “Loss of a Child — Choosing to Forgive,” Dr. Neimeyer’s answer to a mother whose child died tragically. The author, Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP has written for AfterTalk several times in the past, and we value her thoughts. Below is the original question

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How do I forgive?

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, How do I forgive the person who dumped my first-born son unconscious out of his car and left him to die? I lost my son almost three years ago; someone left him unconscious and he died in an empty parking lot alone. He was an organ donor and saved five different lives.

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Daughter lost her husband in an accident

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, My 23 year old daughter lost her husband two years ago. He was a soldier and her high school sweetheart. He was killed in a car accident on a military base. She is so lost and devastated. She feels like she has lost her identity and has questioned everything in life now.

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