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Anticipatory Grieving: mourning the living

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Your recent reply to the woman widowed over 25 years ago resonated with me, even though my husband is still alive.  I am a member of the Well Spouse Association, a national nonprofit organization which provides peer support to those caring for chronically ill or disabled spouses. “Chronic sorrow”…”bleaching out of emotions”…”surviving but not thriving”… “sense of not fitting

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Anticipatory Grief: my daughter’s fate

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, If you have been experiencing anticipatory grief for a loved one, once they die do you still experience normal grief? Or is it all combined within the anticipatory? I have a daughter who is a medical guinea pig, and as far as we can tell she is the oldest surviving person in

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Anticipatory Grief — An Ask Dr. Neimeyer Guest Column

Editor’s Note: This week we are printing a response to a recent Q&A on Anticipatory grief.   The author, Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP has written for AfterTalk several times in the past, and we value her thoughts. Below is “Judy’s” question and Dr. Neimeyer’s answer followed by Ms. Mary Jane Hurley Brant’s response.   Dear

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