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Anticipatory Grief: my daughter’s fate

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, If you have been experiencing anticipatory grief for a loved one, once they die do you still experience normal grief? Or is it all combined within the anticipatory? I have a daughter who is a medical guinea pig, and as far as we can tell she is the oldest surviving person in

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Suicide thinking: I want to be dead

Dear Dr Neimeyer, My attention was recently drawn to your website, and especially this section of it, and I now have a great desire to ask for your help. My beloved husband wanted to die at home.  We had been married for over 50 years, and he had suffered with lung cancer and eventually dementia for

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Guilt and Grief — a Husband’s Long Decline

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I am married to a man more than a dozen years older than I am, and through most of our four decades together he has been the strong one who has taken care of most things.  Over the last decade he has had many surgeries.  He has many different things wrong, but

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