loss of a wife

Confronting my grief x

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I’ve been reading your column for some time now, and trying to follow your advice about confronting rather than avoiding my grief through writing on AfterTalk to my dear wife, Dorothy, who meant the world to me before her death two months ago.  We did just about everything together for decades, and

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Widower in search of…x

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I am a widower (although I don’t like this moniker) after more than 30 years of marriage. I don’t understand why “widowers” are not in the highest demand. We have proven our capacity for commitment, as well as have tons of experience in child rearing, relationships, and the refinement of how to

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A Widower’s question: Dwelling on the past… x

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I’ve been following some of the advice given in your column in the 3 months since my wife, Linda, died, and although my life will never be the same, I can see that I am improving.  I was a real mess for a while, but now I’m able to work and concentrate

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