Editor’s Note: we want to share with you this eloquent response to Dr. Neimeyer’s “What is the Meaning of Life” post:
Dear Dr. Neimeyer,
For many seasons have you offered support, real support to those of us who have lost loved one’s. For it is not that we wrestle with hopelessness, but wrestle tirelessly in the silence of those moments of missing the consolations of completeness of togetherness – what is togetherness? it’s the promises made by and to our passed loves one’s profound steering of our life’s ship to navigate the unknown seas of time, the anticipated joys of our heart’s desires which are fruitless without our faith for which we vanguard’ jealousy – this is the missing component in our lives.
No one person can cook for two possessing the joy and rewarding pride when serving for one. It’s this human dynamic that shapes who we are, what we are and that which we so diligently plan to be and have in the completeness of togetherness.
So we ordered eggs at our breakfast and got scrambled instead …how do we receive with TRUE Joy and Genuine Thanksgiving that we nonetheless received eggs period, for breakfast?
No comparison can ever be drawn to Life’s true beauty of living without expectation to another’s conclusion of their life that which we’ve tirelessly build around life’s planned journey of perfect love, perfect joy, perfect hope …but there really is hope!
It’s been of great solace to me to have found your profound experience and truly compassionate reverence to explain the unexplainable these many past years without my Anthony.
With love and reverence to a wonderful man who has helped many to believe in the missing pieces of life’s puzzle is out there – we just need to accept it and remember that missing piece never really was missing, it’s just that we’ve been looking at a complete complex life puzzle in darker light.
Thank you for helping us by your hand into the bright, strong and fulfilling light into the unknowns of the following morning.
With immense gratitude,

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