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Grief and Depression

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, Following the death of my 22 year old daughter of a drug overdose two years ago, I of course have struggled with my grief, but also had two very distinct periods of depression, each approximately 6 months long, filled with classic symptoms of lack of energy to do anything, loss of interest

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Complicated Grief after multiple losses, now cut off from the world…

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, As a director of a bereavement center myself, I am very concerned about a friend. Her mother died about 4 years ago. Her father died about 8 months ago. Then, her son, as far as we know, died of an accidental overdose about one month after her father. The truth is it

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He died so young

Dear Dr. Neimeyer, I’m grieving more in the second year after my son’s passing.   I am embracing the passing and think of him often, which I learned from the grief class I attended last year.   He died so young from a dreaded pancreatic cancer.  Should I return to this class?  I feel otherwise pretty good – missing my little

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